Sweepmaster F2800 Plus - Professional Counter Surveillance System.

  • 8 GHz (8000 Mhz) Wide Frequency Response RF Detector
  • Built in Frequency Counter up to 2800 MHz
  • Infrared/Laser Detection Probe
  • Mains Carrier/LF Detection Probe
  • Telephone Analyser (RF and AF Modes)
  • Digital and Analogue signal detection with indicator
  • Highest Sensitivity to locate the weakest signals
  • Custom Backlit LCD display
  • VOX Voice Activation Trigger
  • Audible Signal strength 'Beep'
  • Digital 'Burst' Signal Detection
  • Audio Demodulation
  • Internal Li-ion Battery Pack and Charger
  • Supplied in ultra-protective carry-case


The Sweepmaster F2800 Plus is the latest version of our fully integrated Professional Counter Surveillance System. Now with even more sensitivity, increased frequency counter range and a new custom display the F2800 Plus offers more power than ever to help locate the presence of covert surveillance devices.

It uses the very latest digital technology to provide increased ultra high sensitivity across a wide frequency range that ensures detection and location of even the weakest radio, infrared, and LF transmissions such as those used in covert surveillance devices. 

LF, HF, VHF, UHF and Microwave transmitters will be detected by the F2800 Plus; in fact anything that transmits a radio signal between 0.1 MHz and 8.0 GHz (8000 MHz). Such devices include miniature room transmitters, mains powered transmitters, telephone transmitters, video transmitters, mobile telephones, tracking devices, walkie talkies etc. It can also detect the presence of Mains Carrier/Low Frequency devices and Infrared/Laser emitting devices by using the supplied MCD1 Mains Carrier & IRD1 Infrared Probes.

The F2800 Plus also features a digital ‘peak pulse’ detector. This enables it to detect signals from devices that only transmit momentarily and to ‘latch’ a LED and notify you that a signal has been detected. Such devices include vehicle trackers, GSM devices (SMS text messages), or ‘Burst’ transmitters that accumulate information and transmit it in short ‘bursts’.

As well as locating signals swiftly and easily, the F2800 Plus will display the frequency of the signal detected up to 2800 Mhz. This valuable feature enables the user to quickly verify whether the detected signal is from a genuine innocent radio device or something more suspicious. It will also analyse received signals to help distinguish between Analogue and Digital types.

The F2800 Plus also features a telephone interface so it can be connected directly to a telephone line to check for the presence of radio transmitting devices or other types of hard-wired listening devices attached to the line such as infinity bugs.


  • Antenna Wand with Whip Antenna
  • MCD1 Mains Carrier / LF Detector Probe
  • IRD1 Infra Red Detector Probe
  • Earphones
  • Telephone Connection Cables x 2
  • Mains to 10V DC Charger
  • Soft Protective Carry Case
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Protective 'Storm' Carry Case